Meta FC

Are you ready to own your football club?

Meta FC brings you the football metaverse to run own your club and earn money while playing. We love football, we’re heavily invested in web 3.0 and we want you to join us in this journey too. Imagine a universe that’s merged with blockchain and NFT tech, where you call the shots on the field. Whether firing up your troubled striker or selling your wonder-kid to pay for the stadium updates is totally up to you!

What is in store?

  • Own Your Football Club
    • Create and own your football club
  • Manage Your Roster
    • Train them, sell them, buy better ones!
  • Improve Your Assets
    • Update and maintain your training fields, stadium to earn more


As the boss of your own football club, you’ll be able to start your club and oversee personnel management, player discovery/signings/sales, facility and financial management.   Your primary objective will be to provide the Club with the best available talent and achieve success in the field to generate income for your club. Also, your facilities, especially your stadium will generate extra revenues so they have to be managed carefully.  

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